Five ways Of makiing money with non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Register Hashtags & make passive income

Cryptocurrency investing is coming of age, and several trends are rising and showing signs of being the next big thing in the Crypto World.  In the ever-evolving Blockchain World, the Technology behind Cryptocurrency Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT's) is quickly taking shape as a passive investment method.

TagProtocol utilizes Blockchain Technology to build a store of value fungible cryptographic asset named Tagcoin, which has a limited and defined supply that can be mined by staking another Non-Fungible Cryptographic Asset called #Hashtags which can be registered and acquired as an NFT token.  Tagcoin mining yield on the #Hashtag NFT miner is derived from measuring each #Hashtag performance on various Social Media platforms using a transparent #Hashtag Performance Grading System.

For the first time in History, #Hashtags can be purchased and collected as a NFT Digital Asset registered on the Binance Smart Chain.  Each #Hashtag purchased on TagProtocol is a data miner that requires no electricity making them Environmentally Friendly.  Tagcoin's are generated based on the #Hashtags performance and popularity on Social Media.

Tagcoins were introduced on Pancake Swap Exchange (November 2021), and the coins are trading above 20 cents per coin with a market cap over 1 million.  #Hashtag Mining is fully automatic and doesn't require anything to collect Tagcoins.  #Hashtags are automatically mined and deposits Cryptocurrency into your secure account every hour forever!  All #Hashtag production is DATA-DRIVEN vs. traditional crypto mining, which burns excessive fossil fuels.  The process is called Hashtag Staking which began August 20, 2021. 

100% CLEAN emissions

Available #Hashtags can be registered on TagProtocol: keep in mind pricing increases $50 for every block of 5,000 #Hashtags purchased.  Once 100,000 #Hashtags have been sold the project will issue daily batches of 21 #Hashtags to be auctioned. Currently: 31,268 have been SOLD. Tagcoin Auction will start biding at $1,200 and registered owners can accept or decline the offers.  All auctioned #Hashtags will be purchased in Tagcoins only, reduces or burns the number of Tagcoins in circulation.  The price of Tagcoin should skyrocket because only 200 Million coins will be circulated.   

Users can participate in several ways:

Register Hashtags:  Collect unique #Hashtag NFT's. Search and check for the availability of each #Hashtag - if available purchase it.  The #Hashtag Contract will mint the primary function of the registry is to accept user new hashtags and mint new Hashtag NFT tokens and deliver newly minted Hashtag NFT Tokens to the User's wallet. 

Stake Their Hashtags: This service allows Users to stake their Hashtag NFT Tokens to mine or collect Tagcoin based on the Twitter performance provided by Hashtag Performance Oracles.

Trade Hashtags:  This service allows Users to list and receive bids on their hashtag tokens.  Users can also send bids on other Users' listed Hashtags.

Become an Oracle:  Oracles are Independent P2P external data aggregators that collect Twitter performance data of staked hashtags, rank them based on their performance and Broadcast this data to Hashtag Staking Contract for Tagcoin Distribution staked Hashtags.

Invite & Earn: This service tracks Users' invites and calculates commission.  The system manages payments and commission claims made by Users.

January 1, 2022 TagProtocol Performance Oracles will be made public.

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