Commercial Payment Audits

We conduct audits of commercial payments made by businesses to identify any discrepancies, errors, or overpayments. This service helps businesses recover funds and improve their financial accuracy.

❖ Turns Accounts Payable departments into profit centers by generating rebates on vendor payments

❖ Automates payments to vendors, thereby improving corporate efficiency

❖ Allows companies to use existing bank accounts and accounting software

Required: $30 Million in Annual Revenue; $10 Million / yearly in Payables

❖ No upfront cost

Medical Underpayments

We analyze medical payments made by healthcare providers and identify instances where you’ve been underpaid. By identifying and recovering underpayments, we help healthcare businesses optimize their revenue.

Average recovery is 22%

❖ Fully compliant proprietary system built with AI to analyze contracts and billings files using unique, custom-written algorithms

❖ Organizations that handle medical procedures.  US only (50 states)

❖ $2 Million Annual Revenue aggregate from top three payors

❖ No upfront cost

 Ad Management by our Agency

Creative Development

Grab the attention of people scrolling through Facebook using graphics aligned with your business. Beautiful messages that encourage click-throughs and conversions are the goal of our design team, and our skilled copywriters are standing by to help construct such messages. We can create and schedule both planned and ad hoc news items to keep your target audience interested. We can also advise you on how to optimize your Page’s performance.

Facebook Ad Set Up

Make sure that you reach the appropriate individuals at the proper time by developing ad sets tailored to each subset of your audience. We are experienced in organizing campaigns in such a way as to achieve the desired outcomes.

Ad Monitoring and Optimization

Using our ad monitoring tool, you can keep a close eye on how successful your advertisements are. We can swiftly locate any issue areas and adjust each ad set to achieve more significant and satisfying outcomes.

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FREE Rx Program

❖ Charges $0 for the most prescribed generic prescriptions covering 93% of all conditions

❖ Places no limit on prescription orders or refills

❖ Allows new covered medications to be added at any time

❖ FREE standard shipping

❖ Pickup at local pharmacy available for acute medications

❖ Experienced team of licensed pharmacists

Increase Awareness

Get the attention of Billions of consumers ready to create meaningful relationships with your company and capitalize on the opportunity.


We use data-tracking systems to learn about the successes and failures of your campaigns so that we may better tailor our approach to you.

Build Consideration

Your audience can be engaged and expanded by providing the material that is relevant to their interests, stimulating lead generation, app installation, and sharing.

Recognizing Your Audience

We'll help you find and evaluate your target demographic so that you can maximize the impact of Facebook's extensive targeting options.

Earn Conversations

Your revenue will increase if you get more people to sign up for your newsletter, buy more of yours, and come into your business.


Depending on your brand's objectives, we can develop a strong and result-driven Facebook marketing strategy and implement it.

Paid Ads

Investing in paid advertising is the most efficient method to get exposure and acquire traction on Facebook. From choosing the correct format to doing post-campaign analysis, we can handle everything on your behalf.


We can keep an eye on your Facebook page and campaigns to address any difficulties or seize any possible opportunities.

Discover the power of Facebook Advertising and capture the attention of over 2.8 Billion monthly active users.