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Inflatable Paddleboard - Non-Slip - Double-Layer Surf Board

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- 10' Inflatable Paddleboard with Paddle provides ideal stability and tracking in both surf and flat water. The PVC deck covering provides increased traction and the three fins keep the balance in diverse water conditions. It also comes with a pump for easy inflating. This Hi fashion XL paddleboard is for the rider looking for that maximum stability on the open water and is a wonderful option for beginners and tandem riders alike.

- Extremely rigid - Weight limit of up to 350 lbs. on the water When fully inflated and it can be inflated up to 15 PSI but is stiff and ready to ride at 10 PSI. It's an ideal way to get the family together or mix up your workout routine. Use this HI fashion 10' Paddleboard with Paddle for paddleboard yoga, surfing, fishing, carrying kids and for beginner to intermediate skill levels.

- Performance Designed - Ultra Durable, Super Stable, Light to Carry, Convenient to Store. sups roll up to fit in a large backpack, keep them stored in the garage, attics, trunk or closet and quickly and easily unwrap, unroll, and inflate easily(<5 minutes) when it is time to go paddle and deflate quickly (<3 minutes) to make it possible to travel effortlessly anywhere. This paddleboard is extra wide(32") for better balance, Measuring 10 feet long & 31 inches wide, balancing & stabilizing on top of our SUP board is a piece of cake.

- Best paddling board outfitted with triple bottom panel fins, steering & handling the stand up inflatable paddle boards is incredibly easy. Complete with must-have paddleboard accessories, our SUP paddleboard bundle will have you ready to hit the waves.

Includes: Surf Board, Paddle, Fin, Repair Kit, Backpack, and a One-way Manual Air Pump.

Size: 129.9 x 31.5 x 7.1 inches